Comment: Big Pharma==scapegoat; use of drugs==excuse to disarm Americans

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Big Pharma==scapegoat; use of drugs==excuse to disarm Americans

I take two different ADHD drugs and an SSRI. Each one has its benefit in helping me be more productive at work, more patient with my family, and more empathetic to others.

These pills certainly don't make me crazy. How could they? They simply tweak your brain's receptors, in a more subtle manner than alcohol. How could a pill that millions of people take make a person into a lunatic murderous zombie? It can't, pure and simple.

The people on these drugs who "go" nuts already are nuts. Family members saying they watched a love one spiral into insanity simply watched the unfortunate person go crazy while coincidentally on meds--because no drug can prevent or cure crazy.

And while I agree Big Pharma is sinister, that doesn't make the government any less sinister. You need to fear gun grabbers more than fearing Big Pharma. Big Pharma isn't going to disarm you, Big Brother is.

While I'm fine with libertarians going on anti-Big Pharma rants (because they pwn the FDC and CDC and thus don't operate in a free market), I'm not fine with libertarians connecting benign psychiatric meds like anti-depressants with mass murders. Because it enables gun-grabbing.

What true libertarian is going to endorse gun-grabbing by suggesting that people showing no symptoms of dangerousness could just snap at any moment simply because they take a pill?

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