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Comment: Here is the sample letter

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Here is the sample letter

on the Oregonians for Healthy Children; Immunization Education Campaign site/Oregon Pediatric Society:

I am writing in support of SB 132 Immunization Education. The bill recently passed out of committee and will be considered on the Senate floor soon. I urge your support and aye vote.

Senate Bill 132 seeks to promote informed decision making among parents about immunizations. Often parents seek information online about vaccines; information that is often inaccurate and incomplete. This legislation will ensure parents receive credible, medically-based information about immunizations and vaccine-preventable diseases. The bill will NOT prohibit a parent from exempting their child from school immunization requirements; it will not reduce a parent's right to decline immunizations based on religious or philosophical beliefs. SB 132 simply provides parents with information about immunizations and community immunity.

Passing SB 132 is important and necessary. Oregon currently has the highest rate of immunization exemptions for kindergartners in the U.S. This high exemption rate could increase the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles and whooping cough. In 2011, Washington passed similar legislation resulting in a 25% decrease in school immunization exemptions in that state.

Please vote "aye" on SB 132. Thank you for your attention to this very important issue.

This letter is for those who wish to send cookie-cutter support and the letter totally disregards research parents might do online as often inaccurate and frustrating!

Write you legislators! I urge you! Love to all.

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