Comment: My issue with Kokesh on the subject...

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My issue with Kokesh on the subject...

Is not his choice of activity (providing it truly is non-violent with getting arrested as an acceptable goal). It's that it won't be nearly popular enough to create any sympathy. It will hurt him and anyone who agrees with him far more than it benefit anyone.

This is the common mistake Kokesh has made throughout his entire post-military career. He has always over-estimated his popularity and ability to persuade.

If he had 1000 that committed, only 10% meant it, 100, and only 10% won't be too afraid, 10, and only 10% of that will actually show. So it will be a very lonely march that help to marginalize him and anyone who holds ANY of his views.

I have liked the man at times, but someone really needs to put his ego in check.

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