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A million would be incredible!

Anybody reading, if you think that U.S. military or federal agents are going to open fire on thousands of armed-to-the-teeth, U.S. military, former U.S. military, and all other U.S. citizens in attendance, at the behest of their would-be-criminal superiors, then you're beyond bat s h i t crazy. And they CAN'T arrest thousands of citizens: Watch the U.S. military join you if Obama orders Martial Law on peaceful protest that includes U.S. military. This isn't Boston.

You want to effect change? This is it.

Be there, armed with guns and cameras.

And be 100% PEACEFUL. Remember, PEACE.

Since Alex Jones | disInfoWars is trying to convince you otherwise, it'd probably be wise to shut off his radio broadcasts. But if you'd rather take his "advice," I'm sure you could join Alex in Britain with his bullhorn to protest Bilderberg instead. Because that's obviously more important.

Alex Jones, if this was HIS idea (or his orders,) would be screaming "ONWARD TO WASHINGTON!" But he can't take the credit, so it's "bad." Or if Alex IS intel, this goes against the script. Either way, the only bad idea is continuing to listen to Alex Jones.

And I am not a fan of Adam Kokesh, but this has benefits that far outweigh any 'talk you out of it' excuses. Shut off and shut up Alex, and get to Washington.