Comment: WorldPay Is A Corrupt Company

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WorldPay Is A Corrupt Company

WorldPay (credit card processing company) just took me for a ride too by stealing over $600 from my bank account. They are THIEVES.

WorldPay is an unethical company. My original contract expired in 2010! But of course they automatically sign you up to a new contract without ever sending you a renewal notice. No signature, no notification, nothing.

Nope, they just do it for you now. How nice.

Until you notice how much you're getting screwed every month in the billing statement.

Read the fine print, if you have a law degree.

"All I had to do was give a 3 month notice."

NOT. That was a nice hook, line, and sink the sucker advertising slogan.

I should have known better with a name like that....


WTF was I thinking? Duh!

May as well have signed my name in blood to the devil himself - a THIEF and a LIAR.

Don't do business with WorldPay, unless you like getting money stolen out of your hard working hands.

WorldPay gives "good business," a bad name.

If anyone from WorldPay comes into your business trying to steal your hard earned wealth, tell them to go back where their company came from.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.