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Comment: I thought it would open up discussion, Jon

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I thought it would open up discussion, Jon

I don't believe or agree with every article or video I post. People like to see new stuff on the marathon. I thought this would be "safe" because it did not talk about actors and show "blood". This was interesting and it shows what some others see and think. It's something I've never looked at before and thought others might like to see it. It was not posted to 'prove' what I think. I have my own thoughts to what happened. Some people concentrate on just one person in the crowd, one speck of light. This marathon has all sorts of things people like to obsess over. Why? Because they know it stinks of corruption and they want to try and bust it open.

I was going to show this video...which I don't believe, but it has nothing to do with actors or fake blood and I thought it would be something the people who like to talk about reptilians or masons and such might enjoy. I only watched 3 minutes of it, but I'm pretty sure it does not talk about actors and amputees: