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Comment: absolutely. As in IncomeTax, the Feds are basically claiming

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absolutely. As in IncomeTax, the Feds are basically claiming

that they OWN IT ALL; they delude they 'own' EVERYONE's ideas, pictures, creations, etc. within the geographical boundary known as the United States, but they're gonna 'let you,' use it, with caveat: gotta get their permission slips (licenses).

But there was a case of encryption that they deemed to be "military munitions" under ITAR, not joking: so they couldn't let foreigners use it, or email someone outside of US using that encryption key, under the 'orders' of NSA.

Well, tough shiite! LOL. Because the computer coder, did it anyway. Then, uncharacteristically, the govt finally relented and dropped the case, if I remember correctly, which actually still puts its legal status in limbo, technically speaking.

I cannot recall the name of the case, but I'm sure if you look up crypto-anarchist and ITAR, it'll pop up somewhere.

(UPDATE) I believe this was that encryption case:

If they, the corporatist govt, can claim that ones and zeroes belong to them, the sky's the limit. LOL, right. We're talking govt here; when and on what item haven't they claimed their 'divine' dominion over??

it's gonna hit comedyville, soon. but I pray Cody comes through this, 'legally' unscathed.

He's looking into EFF for some backup, but they've been traditionally liberal leaning so not sure if they're specifically anti-gun like ACLU, or not. We shall all see where all these supposed 'civil rights' group really stand, as this case goes forth.

Hey, even ACLU defended Nazis on 1st Amendment principles, just to strongly make the point that defending a Constitutional right, does not mean that they necessarily endorse someone else's actions in question.

Hopefully the likes of EFF, the Electronic Frontiers Foundation, the King Kong of digital civil rights defense, comes to Cody's aid, recognizing that this not only affects guns, but everything online.

Cody said on today's Alex Jones show that the ITAR regs are so outdated (normally a good thing) that nothing online is considered public domain (for IP purposes); according to them, only those in physical print publications like papers and books, count! LOL.

more govt incompetence...usually a good thing, but in this case? not so much.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul