Comment: That's why I don't have cable or satellite

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That's why I don't have cable or satellite

#1 - why pay to watch commercials (1/3rd of television is commercials, and the other 2/3 is "programming")
#2 - and actual good tv is typically commercial free (although I do watch the occasional Giants game on rabbit ears but haven't used them yet this year)
#3 - you can watch netflix for $8 a month, and cancel at any time
#4 - Books are awesome - I have close to two thousand and read at least a half hour a night. Most books were donations or bought at secondhand stores.

Television for me is good to fall asleep. Literally and figuratively. If I can't fall asleep instead of taking drugs I'll put something on youtube or whatever and have my computer go to sleep in a half hour or so. If I'm reading a good book sometimes I will look at the clock and I have to be up for work in a few hours, that's a drawback.

My parents had DirectTV and canceled service like you did for the same reason but they didn't get got like you did. They have dish network, which is cheaper.