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Comment: Yes! He's such a funny character

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Yes! He's such a funny character

Yes! He's such a funny character and so very well placed to mock the bible, too:

Isn't he? Isn't he so very well-known, worldwide famous - especially in the middle east! - for his fair play with people and ideas? Let alone... texts.

It's not like he has ANY agenda, anyway, right?

OMG! That's so darn funny!

Plus, it's so very important to jump on the bandwagon of bible bashing, now. So very urgent to have fun with it.

That awful bible is sooooo dangerous, indeed... it, alone, has killed so much lately:

... or DID IT? Oops! Wrong link. Those were ALL rejecting it, finding themselves ABOVE it. Sorry about that.

FACTS are so stubborn! I know!

Ah well, bible bashing... have fun with it, then.

Meanwhile, if you don't mind, I'll continue to kindly ask people to pay attention to what really matters:


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