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I'm afraid the DP community isn't what it once was. Perhaps this is because we lack the focus of an electon with our trusted Ron Paul as the figurehead.

Bringing your guns to DC will not bring liberty to America. Liberty is an idea, a state of mind, a philosophy. It cannot be brought about by force or by removal of government, it comes from the consciousness of the people. Awakening.

To the down voters- Yes, anarcho-capitalism is the state of libertarian enlightenment. Our society is not there. We must first push for a republican form of government, "to secure these rights, governments are instituted". Get it? The founders set up a republic. It is the smallest form of government one can have and still survive the world today.

Bmore has been on this site for a while and he's no dummy. He's had great intelligent contributions to the cause of liberty. I wish there were more sensible folks around here anymore. I'm afraid the DP is gasping for air. It is not Michael's fault. It is the lack of introspection from the community.

By the way, I bet Ron Paul, in his heart, thinks it's a bad idea too.

God Bless

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.