Comment: I left Direct TV Because

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I left Direct TV Because

I was watching cable mostly because they had Versus tv which had our local college games. Comcast ownes versus and direct tv stopped use of versus and shut it off and explained it cost too much and they were not going to renew. I told them I wanted to close my account which was over 10 years old. They said they would give me some extra channels for free if I would stay I denied and moved to Dish Network. Last summer I went on a road trip all summer a month before I left I paid my final bill 1 month in advance and asked for them to send me some boxes. They sent the boxes. I shipped the receivers and remotes back before my account run out. A month or two later they sent me a bill for about a hundred bucks. I told them I had paid in advance before I ran out and I was no longer under a contract. They told me I owed them for the boxes and return shipping I told them to sue me and hung up. I never heard from them again. I hope they both go bankrupt. along with Fox Cnn Msnbc, cnbc and all the rest. I am starting to enjoy game shows again lol.