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Comment: As tweeted, Adam is correct

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As tweeted, Adam is correct

True atheists reject religion whatsoever. As religions go, statism is the most dangerous. Rejection of religion isn't just choosing another religion. It's rejection of irrational cognition. IE faith.

Most Christians are friendly to liberty, so I'm friendly to most Christians. This is due primarily to something which is true that they hold as a matter of faith, original sin. Man has evil in him. I hold this as a matter of evidence and logic, and come to the same conclusions about man's ability to govern others or be trusted with power over them.

Not all Christians conclude that. Some believe, man being evil, must be ruled over by the 'righteous'. This is an old theological debate. European Christianity spawned the crusades and the inquisition, etc.

American Christianity spawned, well, America itself and the experiment in limited government and government by consent. In the US Christians have largely fallen on the side of never trusting man, only god. American Christianity is thus a superior sort from an ethical perspective.

The question can be put another way. Can a man be forced or tricked into salvation? Except for the wasp/pietist/progressives in the US the answer has been mostly "no". It was the unholy alliance between the statists and pietists that subverted this in the progressive era. Progressives did not believe man must choose to be saved. They sought the bludgeon of government power to do this. They succumbed to the temptation of power over men.