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Comment: might rather hear about your views really

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might rather hear about your views really

You did get discussion of sorts from Jon!

as per the video posted....the old man falling down is likely just that. Sure he has good balance for a 78 year old but still as people age they do degenerate. So, the ears of those younger folks next to the fence are likely in much better shape plus the fact that they are firmly planted on the ground when it happens. He is in the air and falls funny because as one foot hits the ground he is off balance and tries to catch himself. The fence blew out, there was probably some physical force in addition to the very loud noise that would assault his already degenerating ears where balance resides.

Not much to say about the fleck. Anomaly of light and filming most likely. Trying to catch something that was dropped in front of him? The balloons are interesting.

But overall, I say, keep looking.

I only listed to first minute of 2nd one so far.