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Comment: So be it.

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So be it.

What saddens me is I advocated and called, SEVERAL TIMES already, for a similar massive march BY, FOR, WITH the 1st Amendment, TO BEGIN WITH, here:

And there:

And there:

Yet, STILL very few of us seem interested.

I guess America needs to linger some more.

I find odd a much riskier way is thought about, today, instead of a simpler, much safer one, as I proposed, that even the statists would have hard times to forbid without dropping the mask hiding their ugly face.

Indeed. Why go for the safe, wise, simple, powerful, when we can go for the hazardous, opiniated, complicated, and desperate-sounding?

In truth: I am asking you? Why, really? "SIMPLE" sucks, doesn't it?!

The peoples will never cease to amaze me.

But, okay, America. So be it.

I tried to send my message about what wiser, IMO, at least. It's on record.

Links above for the refresher.

I wish us/Adam good luck.

Sorry if I sound bitter.

It's also SINCERE, so...



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