Comment: You sure put a lot of words in my mouth.

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You sure put a lot of words in my mouth.

I said i want the TRUTH. I don't claim to know what happened on 9-11, but I know there was a felonious destruction of a crime scene on 9-12 that the US government was complicit in.
I KNOW they use actors in drills, so it is theoretically possible that Bauman was already a double amputee. I have not seen a picture of him before the blast with 2 legs. Have you?
I am certain the government has weapons we do not know about, and I am sure some of them are energy weapons. When and where they are being used, I do not know. I'd like to know. Maybe if we got a real investigation, we could answer many questions about 9-11.
It is BS, Jon. You throw a strawman scatter bomb of BS accusations at me, but did not debunk anything.
Good to be king?

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