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Comment: Amazing speech.

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Amazing speech.

As we all know, we find ourselves in these situations every day.

The mass hysteria, all about me, continuum that we are programmed to feed on projects us towards this non-actualization.

We have the ability to BREAK FREE! We just need to recognize LOVE and COMPASSION.

When we realize that its not about the 12 seconds you lost at the traffic light because somebody slowed down, had the right-of-way, but just forgot to put on their blinker.
Its not because the cashier working at the minute mart had to alternate between you and the guy with 25 lottery tickets when you only had the breath mints.

Its about RESPECT FOR MANKIND and LOVE OF LIFE. Life is truly a JOURNEY and NOT a destination.

Take the time to stop and smell the roses. Be aware. BREAK FREE!


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