Comment: It has provided "fellowship."

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It has provided "fellowship."

That is a rare commodity these days.
Another awesome post this morning!
I want to second your tip of the hat to Sierra - his lessons on silver re perhaps the most useful information I have found here. We had to sell during this down market, but since the bulk of our investment was made at under $11 we still came out WAY ahead, and what we bought with it was a well.
The well sits on a piece of land I bought after looking into permaculture - a term I learned here. It was someone's username, and they just quietly nagged about it until I finally looked into it. It is a few years down the road, but it is one of the things that profoundly changed my life. It lead me to aquaponics, which I consider the ultimate "preparation."
In the early days, I came here to gather with other supporters. Back then, the media was telling us that we did not exist, we were all just some spambot. It was sort of weird, like "Horton Hears A Who." "We are here! We are here! We are HERE!!!!" As the campaign rolled along, here is where I learned about the delegate strategy. Whatever good may ever come of my political efforts can be traced to that revelation. This became the place where delegates gathered, discussed strategies, where we patted each other on the back for every little stand we took, and those pats were precious back then.
Here is where I learned to thicken my hide, politics is not really a friendly place. I learned what "trolling" is and I learned that even good people troll sometimes, and I learned to accept that not every "troll" was a government spy. You may laugh, but I had enough bizarre experiences in those early days that it became wise to be very suspicious for a while, and it is human nature to over-correct when a mistake is discovered.
But for me, the most valuable thing is not what the DP did for me, it is what the DP users have done for the DP. While there is the occasional post that is totally BS, most of the time people bring the truth here. If BS is presented, the debunking will be in the comments within the hour. When I see a story anywhere that I cannot source or debunk, I know I can post it here and someone will find the facts that elude me. Yes, I will be called names for asking "stupid questions" or making the movement look bad or "believing every conspiracy" but as noted above, I learned to not care about that. I want the truth, this is where I can usually get it. Ask the question, watch the comments.
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