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This is a huge part of it.

If someone plans on going to jail for a statement they need a few things.

1) Clear statement that everyone with reason will understand.
2) Clear goal.
3) All outcomes covered, planned, and accounted for.

This activity has no clear statement. There are things that can be inferred from it, but that is hardly clear what the actual intent is.

The only obvious goal is to go to jail.

Going to jail over an unjust law is an admirable act. I always think of Irwin Schiff when I think of people I respect for going to jail. But in this case, he is challenging a law that wouldn't even effect him.

However, there have already been numerous court decisions, precedents set, etc. He will not win in court even if he did have the money to take it to the supreme court (as you suggested).

So he goes to jail, and rots for 5 years. How does that help anyone?

Adam Kokesh has stepped off a cliff numerous times and this time may be his last. The whole thing just makes no sense.

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