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I think that to say

"I think that it could be said that our entire culture is engaged in the mindless pursuit of vain glory."

is profound because it seems to me that very few can see that vain pursuit. Does that make you crazy? I remember when I first started waking up. Going to Walmart was a "trip" as I saw all the trappings and all the lures set up to part money from the people. Crazy isn't it? Trading a life for that which will rot.

"it even strikes me that trying to be "saved" or even to "save" others is a form of vain glory....."

I suppose one would have to define the word "saved." If you were drowning, should I attempt to throw out a life rope? Would that be vain glory? Or would that be love?

I have never heard the term "sister-wife."

I spent a few days in Ogden Utah when I was a NASA contractor. There was a Safety Meeting held there at Thiokol. I was there to facilitate the meeting and take the minutes. Just saying so you know I am not an engineer :) Though the concept is interesting to me, but alas, I did not even know what an engineer was when I finished High School.

Why do air conditioners always seem to break on the hottest day of the year?