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Perhaps a better question

Why is Boston taboo when reptilians are allowed? People cannot prove or even disprove the reptilian thing, and are free to bandy about opinions here in search of some greater understanding, even if full, certain knowledge of the truth is not available. When there are legitimate questions about Boston that could be verified, it seems far more important to ask those questions and allow the "free market" of ideas and resources search for the correct answer.
I think Jon is trying to protect Michael. This hit him hard, it is his home, he KNOWS people were injured in a way you and I cannot know, we were not there. Michael left Jon to moderate, and Jon is trying to look out for Michael. It is sweet, but not very much like what we have come to expect here. However, it is temporary, and if Michael comes back and says "No Boston" then we can deal with it then. It is my hope that he will come back with a little clearer perspective on how important it is to let questions be asked.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.