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Laws are just words on paper.

Laws are just words on paper. Laws don't turn bad people into good people. I obey all laws except the ones I don't. Each individual decides what actions to take or not take based on their own moral guidance system. A society with no morals can't be controlled by a list of moral laws.

Females being mistreated in certain countries is not happening due to a lack of certain laws. Its in theirof society, not the other way around. When enough people in those countries feel that it is wrong to mistreat women, then and only then will the laws be written.

Do you believe a million cats and dogs are skinned alive and mislabeled just because a law hasn't been passed? If so how do you explain all the murders around the globe every year? I'm certain murder is illegal in (almost) every country on earth and has been for quite some time. How about the drug users and dealers? Didn't they get the memo? why are you worried about cats and dogs in China, anyway? They are as irrelevant to me as those mistreated women somewhere. All I can control is me, and I haven't skinned any cats or mistreated any women. Leading by example, just like Dr. Paul says....