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Comment: Where is the Love?

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Where is the Love?

I couldn’t help but find my way to this discussion board. I must admit I stopped visiting the DP regularly. However, from time to time I do visit the page, mostly to get an idea on different views
during major news events. I took a look here to see what was buzzing about Adam Kokesh’s Open Carry March on Washington. When I read the statement from ‘PatriotsUnderGod’ it was a little bewildering.
Just what in carnation was he talking about?! As I read on, I saw a lot of hatred and naysaying that I would expect from non-libertarian minded people, so I thought I would bring up a series of
comments and observations of my own.

  1. I agree with ‘Anthony in AR’ in the statement “…the atheist is simply blind to his own worldview, denouncing God but living and teaching what the Bible teaches without realizing it.” I have
    thought this for a long time now. The atheist moralist always ends up making the same conclusions that are the foundation of the 10 commandments, but for some reason never connects the dots. An
    example in this is the abortion issue. For decades Catholics have been arguing over the life of a human baby in the womb beginning at conception, and that the purposeful action of ending this
    life is murder, is abhorrent, and is inexcusable. The “pro-choice” crowd claims it to be subjective and there is no proof that it is a live baby and on and on. Well, now a logical argument has
    been made to prove once and for all that life begins at conception. And remember the most important distinction in a formal argument, if the premises are true, the conclusion MUST be true. Here
    is a link to the argument, in all its glory:
  2. ‘godsfavson’…where do I start? What is the biggest flaw libertarians always point out when arguing for liberty with the likes of Piers Morgan? When you present a logical, historical, and
    well-constructed argument, they demagogue and try to belittle your argument while providing no justification for their argument. Hoping to convince people with their mockery instead of truth.
    ‘godsfavson’ does the same thing. Sad.
  3. “How would the world be different if there was no god assuming the big bang theory and evolution are TRUE and we don't worry about whatever happened before.” A question from ‘godsfavson’,
    without proper punctuation. Well I can’t really tell you what it would be like without God, but I can tell you what it would be like without the Catholic Church:

    “Western Christianity has given us the miracles of modern science, the wealth of free market economics, the security of the rule of law, a unique sense of human rights and freedom,
    charity as a virtue, splendid art and music, philosophy grounded in reason, and innumerable other gifts the we take for granted as the wealthiest and most powerful civilization in

    – front flap of Tom Woods’s book How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization available here:

I for one am not interested in being a good Christian, rather, in being a Saintly Catholic. For this, I implore all the faithless to remember one thing; at the hour of your death, if you find
yourself in a dark place, cry out to Jesus. God Bless.