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What you don't get

is that you are here blathering in cyber space and I am on the front lines. You're like the guy sitting at home with a Pabst perched on his belly button complaining about the infantry units overseas. I am like the infantry man.

First, in my own life, yes, I've experienced some things. LIke an arrest for a strict liability "possession" of a gun in a vehicle when the humidity is wrong between the hours of 11 and 1 type idiotic statutory offense - the kind of things you guys talk about incessantly. Yes, as a part of that arrest - (I'll use dramatized words here so you get it) I was "kidnapped" and "assaulted" and then spent a night in the pokey. I fought it and got the charges dismissed.

Second, as a lawyer, I have fought for many clients against banks, corporations, and even the government. You don;t win them all. You can't take every case. The infantryman doesn't do silly things that will get him killed either.

Third, you guys like to philosophize (nd I use that term loosely) about a perfect system where rights are protected of the perpetrator above all else at all times. No system is going to be perfect. Someone is going to be unhappy if one interest is protected above others. So get a grip and enter reality.

I am not an anarchist and the government we have, or the government created in 1789 was not supposed to be perfect nor was it supposed to be anarchy. It was a rrepresentative republic created with minarchist/libertarian ideals. OUt of that come laws passed by representatives and no you won't like all of them. But it sure beats communism or socialism or what we have now-ism.

At some point, in any system, you also just need to man up and get on with the program. You're never going to reach, and there never has been, on this Earth, a pure utopian paradise (well, maybe the garden of Eden) where no one bothers you, asks you a question you don't want to answer, arrests people who aren't criminals, or does anything else you would object to. It's not going to happen until you get to Heaven. But live a little. Work for change but in the meantime, get out of ht eparents basement and do something with your life.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein