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Comment: A lifestyle cannot be quickly described.

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A lifestyle cannot be quickly described.

If we can get our place set up as we envision, there will always be crops coming on, always be food available, always be work for those willing to be part of a community. No one will be greeted like a "prodigal son" - they will be greeted like a dumb-ass who did not wake up in time to learn anything useful, but they will also be offered forgiveness and a crash course in what they need to know. It is always best to assume a dumbass could be dangerous, and treat them as such.
I am about practical solutions, not kumbaya. If I get an AP system in every community I can, then we will all look well nourished. And I am not the only one doing this, there are people all over the world who see what I see - a real solution, that averts the "starving masses" scene altogether.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.