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Comment: Once again BmoreBrawler doesn't Get Voluntaryists

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Once again BmoreBrawler doesn't Get Voluntaryists

The Non Aggression Principle, Self Ownership, Private Property,

What you do not like is that Adam is directly challenging the rulers, and in effect saying your entire edifice of the state is a sham, it is only supported by the indolent, the dupes, and the knaves (willing accomplices). In order to defeat the state all that is needed is to show it's true weakness by openly thwarting its minions.

I would not do what Adam is doing but he has every principled reason to do it.

What I want to know Bmore is are you thoroughly with the anarchists of the free market type, in supporting non aggression (self defensive force only), self ownership, and property that is truly yours ( not rented from the state - real estate taxes). If you subscribe to these principles the logical progression of beleifs is to be a free market voluntaryist.

When I think about people of your persuasion I think that they have a cognitive dissonance about the principles they hold or a willful ignorance.

If you are annoyed by anarchists, then at least this anarchist looks at you with annoyance for your pushing your beliefs as the "WAY" to liberty.
Get over this belief.

You want to beg the MAN for your liberty, it will not work, you should read
Our Enemy, the State by Albert Jay Nock