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I have some sweet info for you

First, stoked to see you using work castings. They are amazing and under appreciated.

Second, MUSHROOMS (mushroom compost)!! Even more amazing and more under appreciated!

Look up mycorrhizal fungi. This stuff basically bonds to the plants underneath the soil and helps retain moisture and deliver nutrients to the root system.

Get your hands on some mushroom compost. Shameless plug - we sell this stuff to local nurseries and it's great -

To make our compost we use coconut coir (which we also sell), vermiculite, a little gypsum, and some locally sourced earthworm castings and a couple other natural ingredients. We colonize this stuff with mushrooms and grow them for local restaurants. Then when the mushroom bags are spent - we let them sit in the sun until you have mushroom compost, teaming with beneficial fungi. Some people have even had mushrooms pop up in their garden =)

If anyone wants to place an order with us let me know and I'll set up a coupon code for you awesome DP people.

Also please try to avoid anything owned or associated with monsanto like miracle grow. Support local farms and companies - they are usually a google search away. Most of the time the stuff works better anyway. A lot of the "organic" compost out there is NOT organic.

Here's an awesome 6th grade science project I read this morning that compares mushroom soil to miracle grow etc:

- Grow Mushrooms at Home