Comment: Lets weigh the evidence... 1)

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Lets weigh the evidence... 1)

Lets weigh the evidence...

1) Michael is supposed to be at the Boston marathon.
2) The police illegally enters people's houses.
3) He posts a thread saying he is ok, sounding different from himself.
4) He goes off on a 'holiday' saying he has to decide whether to continue the dailypaul or not.
5) During his 'holiday' all Boston threads are banned.
6) I am not implying anything but has anyone SEEN Michael in the past few weeks? Phone conversations don't count as 9/11 taught us they could fake voices.

So either Michael is having his arm twisted by the govt. or when the 'holiday' is over someone will have taken his place.

There is one more possibility...he is in Europe isn't he? Perhaps Fishy's thread about meeting the queen was not so far from the truth...