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some advice

When transplanting drench the soil with Maxicrop (a seaweed concentrate) which stimulates root growth. You may also consider applying mycorrhizal fungi to the roots before transplanting if you want to go all out. I would also apply EM-1 (friendly microbes) and Humate (humic acid) to promote a living soil. Cover the soil with a mulch such as straw to retain moisture and promote earth worms, in a wet climate keep the mulch away from the stem of the plants. As far as fertilizers I would go with compost and worm casting tea along with Maxicrop.

For everyone who is considering raised bed garden look into a fabric system, here is some info I found online: "In pots or planters, plant roots grow up to the edge and start to circle around the inside of the pot or raised bed, where the plants can become pot-bound, resulting in poor growth and an increased likelihood of disease. Often, the gardener must remove a plant from a pot and prune the roots for healthier growth. In a fabric garden the roots grow to the outside edge of the bed, sense the presence of air, and stop growing on their own. The roots reach to the fullest extent of the garden, but don’t become pot-bound."

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