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I live in CT as the name implies

our season is short and I start everything indoors(except cucumbers and squash). I never use fertilizer - not in the pots not in the garden.

The idea being that the plants wont thrive and become vigorous if they dont have to work for the food(much like us people - we become fat and lazy). They tend not to develop good deep roots and as such dont produce as much or as long - of course that is unless you keep feeding em the crack - hehe.

Hey - lots of people use fertilizer - so it must work - I am just saying that I was taught not to and I get really good results.

Everybody has there own way of doing it.

Now let me put on my best british accent and put my nose up and say - no self respecting gardener buys from the nursery - that is for tourists - LOL!! That an those of us who got sick of waiting for it to get warm and lost a few plants this year with a frost in May. Ooops.