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just how far????would they go....a few years ago we had a huge turnout in DC on april 15..remember?...HUGE! as big as vietnam protests ever were. the media did not cover it. Why? because in order for them to continue working they must hace FCC they follow the lead of the govt. shut up and be quiet. anyway I led a small ron paul group here in new york and I offered subsidized trips to DC for four people..just four. on april 13 I had three IRS agents at my door to discuss my back taxes. IF they can waste this kind of manpower on a tiny little liberty group like mine then just how successful have they been in socializing our country? I have since left the liberty over. time to water my tree. listen ..they will not respond to protest...the elections are non is ALL show.I have been at this for thirty years and it is at an end. we lost