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(But first, I agree that many questions are a statement in disguise(put downs, fallacious statements, etc), and those I would also agree are stupid questions.)

"Are we free to ask questions, good or stupid, in this country?"

Yes, of course. And people are also free to call you an idiot if it is stupid. Furthermore, does it benefit you or anyone else to ask a stupid question? Nope.

Hidden Question: "Are we free to ask good or stupid questions on the DP?"

No. Good or stupid, its Michael's property so it is at his whim.

"Is that a liberty we enjoy?"

No. Liberty is not libertine. Respect for other people's property is key. You are free to do as you wish, so long as it does not violate other peoples rights.

Lastly, these questions, unfortunately have 100% opinion based answers. If you ask a socialist, you will get a different answer than asking an anarchist.

My reference to stupid questions are ones that are factual in nature or can be properly reasoned out.

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