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You are right

I do agree that anger is not going to solve our problems but it is so difficult not to be angry. Anger is a natural emotion which reflects a real or perceived injustice done. And so we really should be very upset that a small nation has a lobby so effective here as to run our foreign policy. We should be angry that we are born into a system that is in ruins because manipulators have decided that it is proper and just. These people, rather than empowering us, have taken what they perceive as a global threat of diminished caring capacity of our planet and put force on little people to eat the consequences. Aside from participating in jobs it is the industry that is responsible for our global degradation. Industry is guided and largely steered by banks. Banks control cash flow worldwide and banks are controlled by Rothschild Jews. They are responsible for the stolen state of Israel. They are responsible for the continuous mess in the middle east and the rest of the world. Their global manipulations have reached far and wide.

Yes if we were to remove the parasitic, manipulative elements from our society and culture the voids would likely be filled in by more tyrants. But therein lies the solution. A free way of life, respecting all others, really does not infringe on others. A tyrannical way of life does. And it also threatens lives and takes them by the millions. I absolutely agree with the statement: "Although I greatly disagree with your opinion I will fight to the death to maintain the right for you to have it." But tyrants have gone way beyond beliefs and opinions. They lie, cheat, steal, murder, rape, torture, pillage and plunder. They do so in the name of free people who are not engaged enough in politics to dis-empower the tyrants. They steal our money at gun-point or threat of homelessness or persecution and use it to cause this global mess. Whats worse is that they just print it when we are not looking. We have to make a serious stand and it has to be soon. Tyrants must know again the world over that the American people will no longer stand for any of it. Constitutional government must be restored and we the free people will have to work things out on our own. We can and should do it. But if we do not soon then the global government will be calling the shots on worldwide military power funded by Americans who failed our chance at re-establishing a just and equitable system for ourselves. We the people have got to stop the criminal lawmakers, bankers, slave-makers and holders from having free reign on us and the world.