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I do not agree...and neither does reality

Well I suppose the lock down in Boston is one of those "this will never happen here" things some time ago as well wasn't it? Do you know why the Israeli police have to deal with bombings all of the time? It is because they are living on stolen land. They did not just steal the land either they have been brutal about everything they have done. "It is for our survival" they say. But tell me something...

Why is there only one race of people in the entire world that has been officially banned from over one hundred countries throughout its history? Why did those same people take the full force and military power of industrialized nations to force a people off of a land that they occupied for the last four thousand years? Why, after already doing so, do they continue to force more Palestinians off of their own land under threat of death or worse against so called "international" law?

I stay the hell out of debt if I can. I owe no debt now. You should do the same. If you cannot afford it then save up or deal without. Or ask for help from friends, family or neighbors. Therein lies our support group.