Comment: There are "adult day care" facilities now

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There are "adult day care" facilities now

I'm not trying to pretend any of this is easy. The best scenario might be if you have siblings or friends who could use a little extra money anyway, see if you can get them OK'd to be respite caregivers, and get the government to pay for them to do it. Then you know he is well cared for, and your home is in good hands. Get over the "entitlement" taboo, do what you have to do. None of us want any kind of government handout, but they have DELIBERATELY made it so we have no where else to turn for help, and we all need a little help now and then.
Random thought - when my mom was caring for my grandma, grandma got REALLY depressed and cranky. Mom practiced homeopathy, and she slipped grandma some nux vomica
and rhus tox
and grandma responded beautifully. {Don't tell me homeopathy is all placebo, grandma did not even know she was getting it.)

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