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You make a thread declaring

You make a thread declaring your belief that the Tsarnaev brothers are innocent mind controlled patsies the same day they were captured, before hardly of the evidence against them was known, and you're asking me if I have "decided what I believe without being burdened with facts clouding my opinion". That's pretty ironic, wouldn't you say?

What I've made my mind up about concerning the whole Boston Marathon bombings, is that two real bombs went off and hurt and killed a bunch of people, and the Tsarnaev brothers had something to do with it.

There are other things I believe but I wouldn't say I've totally made my mind up on yet. And I always hold open the possibility that an intelligence agency informant or undercover agent aided or provoked the attack when it is something on this scale. To me that is their mo, not faking stuff and hiring actors or editing videos, etc. I don't think they are as dumb and risky as some people here do. There is a large record and precedence of them infiltrating groups and provoking them to say or do things they can arrest them for, or provoke and aid them to actually do things. But even if that was the case it doesn't make those guys any more innocent than the 93 WTC bombers or Timothy McVeigh.
So no I don't believe any theories, official or otherwise, until I have seen enough evidence and reason to first.