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Comment: I understand

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I understand

completely! My parents moved in with us just before Christmas and they're driving me a little nuts. I love them to pieces but they're a handful. They have major health problems and need care (not to the degree your father does) but whats really bugging me is I have 3 brothers and a sister who rarely visit but feel the need to constantly call me and tell me what I need to be doing. I understand some of that's my parents fault, they call and complain about every little thing because they have nothing better to do. God forbid we run out of freakin bananas, I get chewed out by my Mom and then I get 4 phone calls about how important it is for Dad to get his potassium. Of course, if I buy too many bananas I never hear the end of that either. I swear I'm starting to have a banana complex. Damned if you do, damned if ya don't. Hang in there Skippy, you're not alone.