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Comment: I can appreciate the Admirals

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I can appreciate the Admirals

desire and position on handing the soldiers a Bible and what it could do for them but in the context of what is happening in the US right now with rampart tyranny and corruption everywhere, it seems that the admiral's choice about what to speak out about is completely insane. The man is actively in breach of duty of the Constitutional prohibitions that he voluntarily contracted with. Just one clear breach is that he is a getting paid in an unlawful tender. He is getting a pecuniary advantage from the breach which means he is a corrupt man. A man with integrity will do what he said and agreed to do but this admiral and all other military personnel will not obey their contractually binding duties but they will take private banks debt note and use force to ensure that this unlawful tender is forced upon the world. This proves that this man has no integrity. Maybe that's why he needs the bible. Maybe he needs to search for justification of his lack of integrity.

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