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Jim Karger is correct:

Some readers of these stories will reel backwards in horror. The very suggestion that the end of violence will result from violence is abhorrent to many who subscribe to the non-aggression principle, but history tells us that change, real change, results from revolutions, from standing up and saying, "no more," and then defending against the onslaught of the State as it retaliates to crush dissent.

Which brings me to the point: "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." Chairman Mao said that, and while he was wrong about a lot of things, he got that one right and every anarchist and libertarian should remember it, too, not with a view toward primary aggression to accomplish a political goal but to understand that the State will aggress against those who question its legitimacy, especially those who are prepared to defend themselves – like Brownback, Kokesh, and Wilson.