Comment: David, Brother Nathaniel, and Eric Hufschmid on a panel.

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David, Brother Nathaniel, and Eric Hufschmid on a panel.

I tried to tell a famous convert to Christiantity, from a deep and knowledgeable upbringing in the Muslim faith, that FAKE Christians were a bigger threat to America than radicalized Muslims yesterday....

I respect this man's great knowledge and effort in exposing Islam as a man-made false religion, but, consistent with his understanding; he ought to know this faux-Christian government is using Islam as it's instrument of terror for their purposes of world domination by conquest or consent.

It sounds like the information in this book is true( ), and that should be a bigger concern than patriots being thrown in FEMA camps...if we're at war, these are domestic terrorists, not, we're being AJ maybe?

I believe the zionists are the authors of BOTH; fake Christianity(in the nauseating Matthew 23 description/diatribe/lambasting by Christ of the self-preserving leaders of Judaism rejecting Messiah) and Islam. By this guys estimate, some 85% of Muslims don't know what's in the Koran or the Hadith....duh...neither do 85% of professing Christians know what's in the Bible!

Now I called in the radio show he was on yesterday, and I gave him the 3 theories of 9/11 from the lecture posted here a few days ago: 1) surprise attack, 2) LIHOP, government let it happen, 3) MIHOP, government made it happen. He rejected my "theory"(singular), and said he was not going to talk about it.

Listen gang, I'm the real deal down here! I've got my dogmatism about government operating outside God's laws and the civil magistrates violating their use of the sword given to them by the Almighty, and promoting sin and vice and profiting off the destruction of the culture; but dammit, the Christians better WAKE UP to building 7 and no 757 at the Pentagon, and stop this "there's a jihadist under my bed" crap!!!

Download the MP3, it's the May 9th broadcast; my call begins at the 34:20 mark....

Again, the "fear Islam" message(although there are people being religiously brainwashed to kill others and attack America), and writing Christian apologetics, is NOT the "go ye therefore" message of the Gospel....Christ never instructed anyone to go study false religions and expose them....He only said we will know His followers by the FRUIT they bear....and coming upon America is another round of professing Christians attacking Christians as we've seen in world history before, because we condemn and expose their evil deeds with the Word.

Please, folks, work with me here....this guy's target is valid, but off the mark....radical Islam is but a tool of the zionists.