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"I'm not your friend. I have none and I am not one."

To me those words are more concerning than the sustainability of what we see and the money that fails.

That which one's affections are set upon, is where their heart will be. To me, it is not worth having one's heart set on the things that can be seen, all of which will rot. There are things that money cannot buy. There are things more important than paved roads and failing money.

I would rather have a friend and be a friend than have all the money in the world to pave all the roads in the world.

What good is money and what good are paved roads if they are only used as a means for hatred and destruction?

But, money spent to go see a friend via a paved road is no longer about the money or the roads, but about a friend.

A human being with feelings to be treated in a humane way and in return to receive humane treatment.

There is a golden rule, and IMO, that rule is worth more than all the gold paved roads in the world. Without that golden rule and the following of it, those paved roads run red with blood, and there will be many, many sirens.

I wish you the pleasure of a friend when the money fails and the roads crumble, or perhaps sooner than later.