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Comment: Hi Skippy.

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Hi Skippy.

I know sometimes it might seem like everybody on this site leads such successful lives and have it all together all the time but I'm sure for the most of us it would only be an illusion. I have told my story many times on this site and I'm sure most people get sick of hearing about it, but in 2007 I lost everything, I gambled on small business and completely went under. I lost my house, I got divorced and pretty much had to start from scratch.

Ever since then I've never exactly been able to get back on my feet, I've tried a few different things but I always seem to fail. I'm a veteran but I can't get a good job because I have a low re-enlistment code. I was honorably discharged but for corporations that doesnt count for squat they look at your re-enlistment code.

I got it because I wouldn't reenlist anyway to make a long story short. I'm dead broke living in a trailer home on my parents land. I drive a 96 Lincoln town car and I'm telling you this because you don't have to feel like you're the only one who's got problems.

BTW I find it interesting that you said your dad was 92 years old. I always took you for a very young man I thought you were in your 20s. Anyway if you are your dad must've been quite a stud in his young days of 70 ha ha.

So you're from Dallas? I live just outside of Fort Worth shoot me over an e-mail and will hang.