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This is a brief moment in a

This is a brief moment in a very dark bloody history where athiests "can" make fun of you religeous types without fear of being burned at the stake, or having thumbscrews clamped on us. Forgive me if I don't have a lot of sympathy for the butt-hurt people who are for the first time in the history of mankind feeling a bit of push-back against religeon (including statism) in general. We live in a day and age where we don't get killed for expressing our opinions quite yet. It won't last long unless the liberty movement prevails. So for this tiny tick of time, you have to take it. But don't worry, if history repeats again, you "faithful" can get back to torturing and burning those of us who don't bow before your god myth.

Religeon is the sickest joke ever played on what could have.. SHOULD have been a rational species. It has all but destroyed individualism, and ushered in thousands of years of brutal collectivism. It has hard wired our species to default to collectivism as their primary and default method of social organization. It is a virus. An opiate which allows people to be irrational and stupid by providing them easy answers rather than making them seek their own.

Thats my opinion, and I absolutly love that I can express it without being tortured/burned at "this" tiny moment in human history. So, cry all you want, tell me I persecute you, even though I would never hurt a hair on anyone's head for their religeous views (or any other views.) But Christians, and every other religeon including statism INVENTED persecution. Your respective religeons wrote the book on it. Only collectivists persecute, and while they persecute each other brutally, there are no other groups of people whom they ALL savor torturing and persecuting more than the individualist. That anyone who belongs to one of these bloodthirsty collectivist monsterosities has no right at all to whine about invidiualists finally getting to speak out against thousands of years of oppression from the many various gangs of collectivist BS.