Comment: Well my current client (88)

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Well my current client (88)

Still likes to be as independent as possible and will say "I'm a big girl" if I offer to help her to dress or undress when she's feeling strong but I always offer and she is grateful on her weak (bad) days.

She is not demanding..but @times would like to have me make trips to the kitchen for this or that mere minutes apart. When I notice this I will say"I'm going to the kitchen you want your Tom Collins now? how bout some chips?etc. When I come back I'll sit and watch the show with you " It always seems to work well but again it is not my parent. If she were cranky or ungrateful or a serious pain in the ass type I GET TO GO HOME and I get paid to do what I do.
I think that that part of what I just said is the key.
Plus I'm always thanked for everything I do..and at the end of the evening we hug and kiss on the cheek. My job is good.

what I experience is so different from what Skippy d is going through.

The only thing I can say is to go through the VA and take your waiver to a good agency with a stellar reputation in your town.