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Comment: First time care giver here.....

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First time care giver here.....

First time care giver here..... I'm going into week three of my "night shift" with my much loved aunt and uncle... I do 9pm to 8am. Thankfully auntie and uncle are sweet people who rarely raise their voice. Taking a crash course on working with family, professional care givers, and hospice.

Currently not getting enough sleep as both relatives use wheeled walkers to get to bathrooms. Aunts mobility is declining, and Uncles mobility is improving.... either way I try to listen to their movings at night and give them a hand.

Current big worry from Uncle is he's scared someone will take his house, and push him into the retirement home. His wife will leave us soon with terminal cancer and he'll be alone ( other than me and family by his side ) as they have no children. I've read that medicare can only claim his assets once he's passed. BUT IS IT POSSIBLE that a judge or doctor could rule him incapable of of living at home, and force him into a retirement home against his will ? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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