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zooamerica, the look of your

zooamerica, the look of your nails is hardly evidence of anything. Numerous studies have documented that anti-microbial solutions are a hazard in daily, household use.

Certainly anti-microbial products have their place: a health worker moving from infected patient to patient, backpacking where where clean water is not guaranteed, emergency situations in which you have to use likely contaminated water for clean up.

Otherwise, killing microbes -- with Dawn or whatever else -- is a bad idea. Our bodies are designed to fight something. If we removed the battle, we end up with auto-immune issues. Ditch your Dawn. Ditch the bleach. Ditch the Triclosan.

Since you didn't actually say what infected your nails, only that they looked better, I'm assuming that you're guessing that they were infected or with what. Many substances can make your nails prone to splitting and/or yellowing. Nothing to do with infection. The best my nails have ever been is when I've been commercial fishing and immersing my hands in fish slime swimming with microbes for weeks on end. Microbes don't make bad nails or good nails.