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Comment: This kid speaks from the heart

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This kid speaks from the heart

Who cares how far "behind" he is in the artificial reality of public schools. He spoke truth from the heart. You pretend to know his motivations, this shows how shallow and judgmental YOU ARE!

When a teacher is out of line then they are fair game to be put back into line. Teachers who relish arbitrary power should be called out just like anyone else. The students have a right to be treated fairly and with respect, if teachers cross that line then student have a right to stand up for themselves. I hope this video inspires more kids to get out of line when the situation calls for it. This society needs a lot more DIRECTNESS and COURAGE and lot less complaining to arbitrators. Going to the school board to expect fairness is like expecting a judge to believe the word of "civilian peasant" over a "law enforcement officer".

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson