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Comment: then you don't know what you're saying

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then you don't know what you're saying

which isn't uncommon.

I said i want the TRUTH

Who doesn't? Have you found it yet?

I don't claim to know what happened on 9-11...

But you can know what absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, did not happen, right? There were planes, explosions, victims; but no nukes, space lasers, or holograms, right? But you want us to tolerate those absolutely asinine and evidenceless suggestions because it's good to ask questions? Even if these questions help discredit the otherwise valid culture of conspiracy, regardless of who asks them, how many times they're flatly refuted, or how utterly illogical they are? Who does that help?

I am certain the government has weapons we do not know about, and I am sure some of them are energy weapons. When and where they are being used, I do not know. I'd like to know. Maybe if we got a real investigation, we could answer many questions about 9-11.

...Now, to be pluperfectly clear, are you implying in any manner space lasers or nukes brought down the towers (for which there is no evidence), instead of the planes and 'multiple explosions' which many witnessed first hand?

I KNOW they use actors in drills

And I know the ISS exists (unlike some). I also know tuna exist.

so it is theoretically possible that Bauman was already a double amputee

No, it plainly isn't. Jeff Bauman clearly had legs before the event, then the event happened, then he didn't have legs.

with legs
without legs
with legs
without legs
with legs
without legs

I have not seen a picture of him before the blast with 2 legs. Have you?

If you bothered to investigate on any of the links I & others have provided, you would have know that. Anyone who considered the extent of such a "crisis actor" charade would conclude it would implode upon itself immediately and rightfully disregard it.

See how "Boston crisis actors" isn't a matter that can be debated further? If not, you have a terminal case of idiocy I don't want representing living organisms on Earth. However, I have hope that people can reason things out, and realize how preposterous it is to keep suggesting this, and move on from this point that has exactly 0% explanatory power or insight to the situation.

It is BS, Jon. You throw a strawman scatter bomb of BS accusations at me, but did not debunk anything.

No, you completely ignored all the links everyone provided showing Bauman was really a victim. And it sounds like you bit, and are suggesting equally impossible things are within the realm of possibility, which depresses me, because it helps nothing.

You're becoming a victim, in your own way, of your inability to vet your own thoughts.

Before sharing ideas I first try very hard to disprove them, as I don't want to share things that might not be true. While knowledgeable people are few & busy, computers are ubiquitous and idle, so it is immensely valuable to learn how to ask computers questions for all fields of study.

I understand what teachable moments are, and that's why first instances stay up. But we're not going to promote absurdities.

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