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Let me make a correction

Change "Zionism" in my comment to "anti-semitism". That's what I heard in the first 30 seconds of the video. I heard Duke blaming people like me. I'm Jewish. I'd like the opportunity to visit Israel. Having never visited, I'm not a Zionist, but I could be. I have distant family in Israel. They support a Jewish State and are Zionists. To my knowledge they have zero control of the US.

You ask where I was 5 years ago. I had already been on the DP for over a year. By May '08 we had already lost the California Presidential Primary. I was the precinct walking coordinator for a Congressional Distict with only 35,000 registered Republican, trying to get 3 delegates to the National Convention. I didn't run for Central Committee that year but did run in the next two elections. Before and after, I was speaking at meetup groups. I had attended the first Ron Paul Meetup of

I still sponsor the LA County meetup (121) with over 600 members. I've been the acting server admin for the Republican Liberty Caucus for several years. I've created or host probably a dozen liberty websites. I've made hundreds of phone calls for Ron Paul in 2012 and also for a local liberty Assembly Candidate. I've also advised several liberty candidates in campaigns for Federal and State Office.

Other than that, I work full time, have my own business and a family.