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Comment: Greetings to you PUG.

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Greetings to you PUG.

Although I consider myself a left-wing Chomsky libertarian{{which some people would say that is not a libertarian at all}. I find it fascinating how we both seem to come down on the same side on a lot of issues.

I do consider myself a Christian but I do not consider myself a very good example. But I do feel like the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta and many more of these man-made treaties can only work out through a moral perspective.

I consider them all would be abject pieces of failure without first acknowledging that these documents could only work when being applied by the first and foremost rule of all and that would be " the Golden rule". Do unto others.

I like Adam, and I know that he is an active poster on this site. But at the same time I will agree that I think he is a very immature. When you use violence to force change. And I do consider an armed March violence you are saying that you are foregoing democracy and rule of law to force change . That would make you no better than the tyrants you are opposing. You are just trading one form of tyranny for another.

I would be willing to bet $1 million that there would be absolutely no citizen that lived in DC who would actually participate in this march. So why should Adam have use his force change a community that does not want weapons in their town?