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Comment: While I have never practiced in California...

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While I have never practiced in California...

... I have been a member of the Florida Bar since 2002, and spent two years as an Assistant State Attorney (prosecutor), in addition to my eight years as an Assistant Public Defender.

There are good and bad cops, and I have seen my share of illegal and, occasionally, truly ugly behavior by law enforcement. One of my big concerns is that State Attorney's Offices feel that they must take the side of law enforcement because they need reciprocal cooperation in order to successfully prosecute crime. This can lead to serious police misconduct being ignored, when that same conduct would be vigorously prosecuted if engaged in by a civilian. Even when an Assistant State Attorney wants to pursue evenhanded justice (and, in my experience in Florida State courts, most do, at least early in their careers), those at the top (the elected State Attorney and his inner circle of Assistants) tend to intervene to protect law enforcement.

I raise this issue because State Attorneys (sometimes called District Attorneys in other states) are often elected, and those of us in the Liberty Movement need to support candidates who will pursue a more evenhanded relationship with law enforcement.

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